Semi-effective vulcanization system

In order to improve the anti-thermal aging and dynamic fatigue properties of vulcanizates in rubber manufacture, a vulcanization system with a promoter and sulfur in between CV and EV was developed. The obtained vulcanizate has both proper amount of polysulfide. The bond has an appropriate amount of single and disulfide cross-linking bonds, so that it has both good dynamic performance and moderate heat-resistant oxygen aging properties. Such a vulcanization system is called a semi-effective vulcanization system (SEV). For static and dynamic products with certain temperature requirements, there are two ways to cooperate:

1 accelerator dosage / sulfur dosage ≈ 1.0 / 1.0 = 1 (or slightly larger than 1);

2 Sulfur and sulfur carrier are used together, and the amount of accelerator is the same as that in SEV.