Other characteristics of high temperature vulcanization

High-temperature vulcanization system requires fast vulcanization speed, low tendency to burn, and no frosting. Therefore, it is best to use heat-resistant rubber and constant sulfur and high accelerator. In addition, there are high requirements for anti-focus and anti-aging systems.

In order to increase the vulcanization rate, a sufficient amount of stearic acid must be used to increase the solubility of the zinc salt and improve the activation function of the system.

In order to prevent the thermal aging of high temperature vulcanization and ensure the flatness of vulcanization, the anti-aging agent is absolutely necessary in the high-temperature vulcanization system, but it is not necessary. For example, adding 1 part of the antioxidant D to TMTD/Zn0 can effectively maintain the stability of the crosslinking density and the flatness of the vulcanization. To prevent the occurrence of scorch, the scorch retarder PVI can be added to the system.